I’m Sure He’ll Vote With His Little Head Next Time


Recently a bill that would ban LGBT discrimination died in the North Dakota House of Representatives. While it passed the Republican-lead Senate by a narrow margin, the House would have nothing to do with it (despite seeing how major corporations reacted to “religious freedom” bills in Georgia, Arkansas, and Indiana). Yep, it was our chance to get it right and the House blew it. And now we come to this:


Boehning isn’t the first Republican to vote one way while his pecker secretly longs for a walk on the wild side. There’s a ton of these assholes. Remember US Senator Larry Craig and his “wide stance”? And don’t get me started on Huckleberry Butchmeup, Lindsay Graham, a man who has spent his entire adult life single because he’s devoted to public service. Jebus, the hypocrisy of these pencil-dicks knows no bounds.

Once again my home state is mired in a red facade of family values. Once again we have an elected official that could make a difference if he just came out and took a stand. Once again North Dakota remains stuck in another century.

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Don’t Mind Us, We’ll Sleep on Anything


I put this pile of papers on the bed for just a few minutes and Sneakers made it into a bed. Please note there is plenty of space on this bed, despite the laptop. Nope, he just decided “I’m a cat and I lay on Dad’s stuff if I want to.” Joffrey looks like he collided with that black pillow and was knocked unconscious. Cats, man, they’ve got it tough.

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Caturday – Seeking of Warmth and Security


It cold and windy outside this morning. A few years ago Daniel adopted this technique of burrowing under blankets when he came inside after his daily patrol. A few weeks ago Arya decided that it was a bright idea and had been burrowing into this blanket every other day. It appears that Amy took note of this and has become the latest member of the blanket brigade. Sleep well little warrior. Warmer days are coming.

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My Own Worst Enemy


I was asked in a profile for my class reunion what was my favorite song? I suppose I could come up with a top 100 if I thought long and hard enough but narrowing it down to one? Hell, that changes every other day. But given that I was awake from three thirty am until almost six because the damn dog wanted to go outside, I’m thinking of Brian Eno. I played some of this last night to calm my ADHD-addled brain and it eventually worked.

Now of course I’m up and hard at work on an editing/compilation project. So switching into work mode I need something a little more…uptempo. Hit it, boys.

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Continuing on a Theme


(Via: http://www.lunarbaboon.com/)

Yesterday, after we got our Interwebs connection restored I spent much time catching up on Metafilter, Progressive Ears, my web comics, and that goddamn Facebook. But the above comic applies to me and Carjo as well. Sometimes you get caught up in something on Netflix (or Amazon Prime) and the hours dwindle away. Go ahead…try watching one episode of House of Cards. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

Or more often, you spend an hour or two watching a movie that just turns into a couple of hours of your life that you will never get back. The other day I watched Solomon Kane because well, someone had to. I was more than a little familiar with the source material, Robert E Howard’s pulp tales of a Puritan avenger, crossing the world to battle sorcery and evil. Yet even without that background I could have told you this movie was seven kinds of suck. The writers and producers decided that instead of picking up on of those old stories they were going to create an origin story, one totally unrelated to the original. It dawdled, it took leaps over logic, the great villain made little sense, and the way he was dispatched made even less. In other words, an hour forty minutes of my life I will never get back. And I really hate that.

When you are as disorganized and ADHD-addled as myself, what little productive time you can scrape together with will and focus is precious. To squander it on something useless and just…worthless can really bring you down. So today I stride forth again, trying to get things done, to make some mark in my own little world. Hopefully it will be with distractions that I can choose and that redeem me with quality. I hear good things about that new Daredevil series on Netflix…

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Lost Connections

broken computer

We were without the Internet for about five days. It’s back now and my social justice warrior spouse is pounding so furiously on her keys down the hall it sounds an invading cadre of storm troopers. I’m busy catching up as well but the epiphany of being disconnected is not lost on me. For one thing, I got some things down. I wrote a ton, I finished one book and started another, got a couple projects done around the house, had everything on the laptop and our two PCs backed up on external drives, played more guitar, watched baseball on TV… So while I missed being out of touch online it was a glorious freedom and makes me wonder about the time I spend on the Interwebs.

Near the end of May my WordPress premium account comes up for renewal. I may not renew it this time around. This blog does get some traffic but it takes time and energy to keep posting five or six days a week. That’s time and energy that could be spent elsewhere. So I’m going to think about either letting the blog die, or see if there’s a free way to blog online. I’m not going back to LiveJournal but I will be considering my options. Maybe I’ll move to Tumblr. Even if I do decide to stick around here my posting activity is going to decrease, as is my time spent on other social media. I smile at the thought of a surge in productivity…

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50 Great Genre-Bending Books Everyone Should Read


Some I have read, some I have heard of, some I absolutely have to throw on my ever-growing Amazon wish list. I need money. There is not enough money to pay for all the books I want to read. There probably is not enough time left in my life to read all the books I want to read either.

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

Sometimes, it seems as though the arguments about genre — be it poetry vs. fiction, fiction vs. nonfiction, literary fiction vs. SF vs. fantasy vs. mystery vs. vs. vs. — will never end. So why not just take yourself off the board entirely? After all, marketing professionals aside, does anyone really care what genre they’re reading if the book is good? After the jump, 50 genre-bending novels guaranteed to enthrall you, whether you’re a literary fiction snob or a die-hard fantasy nerd. Enjoy without judgements!

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