Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…and Wait….and Wait

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...and Wait....and Wait

I have made a few posts about the deplorable state of science fiction on television and its equally dismal future. So you can imagine my glee and jubilation when this news broke:

For those unfamiliar with The Expanse, it’s a trilogy set in the somewhat near future in our solar system. I just finished Abaddon’s Gate a few weeks ago and the series is one of my favorite space operas in at least a decade. James SA Corey is the nom de plume of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. These two fiendish bastards put us on quite the ride in these books. Once the plot is set in motion the pace is relentless, the characters often quite remarkable, and the prose is as smooth as the hull on a starcruiser. Daniel Abraham has built up a reputation as a thinking man’s fantasy author and Ty Franck is the assistant of George RR Martin (by now you should know who that is or I don’t know what you’re doing here). I feel obligated to post this photo which I think was taken after the shock of the TV deal settled in.

James S_ A_ Corey

Of course, this is SyFy so my guess is some of the grit will be scaled back, profanity removed, etc. But with capable writers and an adequate budget this should be the series we genre fans have been waiting for a very long time (depending on when you thought BSG jumped the shark).

I haven’t been this excited since HBO announced that they were picking up a series based on a fantasy book called Game of Thrones. We all know how that turned out.

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It’s Just as Well, Can’t Mow the Lawn Anyway

It's Just as Well, Can't Mow the Lawn Anyway

We got some snow overnight. I think it started around ten last night. Sansa had gone outside earlier because she has absolutely no sense at all and when I hobbled into my wife’s office I heard this unholy screeching at the sliding glass door. She came in with moisture clinging to her and I assumed that it was raining. Carjo turned on the TV station that shows the current radar and sure enough, we had a cloud of blue passing over us. Snow.

This snow won’t last. Even at forty degrees above, the sun is too strong to let this stuff remain for more than a day. Like I said, it’s not that I’ve been able to go out and frolic in the backyard, let alone pick up dog droppings. So unlike the snow, they’ll keep for another week or two. Then the frolicking will begin in earnest.

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The Jasper Update

The Jasper Update

This cat is one tough, robust sonovabitch. For a little while we were making final plans for Jasper. He was making some strange noises in his throat, had trouble purring and couldn’t speak at all, there was this gurgling cough that was scary to consider, he had been sleeping poorly… But last night he walked into the living room like he used to, climbed up on the top of the love seat, and started to groom himself. This morning he took a solid three hour nap and climbed into my lap for attention when he was done.

So maybe this isn’t cardiomyopathy or some other system failure, just an upper respiratory bug that he is now shaking off. This cat is old but has always been pretty robust. If he really has turned the corner it’s a sure sign of his stubborn ability to keep on truckin’. And I am thankful for that.

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I’m Drivin’ In My Car Now…

We just took a spin around town and man, it was nice to get outside. We had some bills to mail/drop off, mail to pick up, etc., and then we drove out by the BBQ place just outside of town. The temperature is in the high 50s, which for most North Dakota natives feels like 75. I had a sweatshirt on while driving and I was getting too warm.

This is a nice clip of Alice, back in the day when he and that band actually were somewhat dangerous, before the band broke up and AC’s act descended into shtick. He might not have been the most articulate spokesman of us late baby boomers but a lot of his early stuff (especially “Eighteen”) were songs we could identify with. The band never had the visceral impact of the upper tier of early 70s bands but they could kick up some dust, especially when they had a riff like this one.

On the night of my high school graduation, my entire class were changing into their gowns in the school cafeteria. Someone had brought in a small cassette tape player and “School’s Out” was being repeatedly blared at the highest possible volume. A couple of my female classmates climbed on top of one of the dining tables and were dancing and singing along. The kicker was, I think it was a couple of the “good girls”. Our superintendent opened the door, surveyed the situation, and said to the principal, “here’s one more class I’m glad to see the last of”. My hat is off to Alice for an anthem that, at the time, meant something.

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It it Me, or Does Merle Look Like Mark Ruffalo?

I can’t picture any of today’s country performers doing something this loose and crazy. Then again, talent might be a roadblock for them as well.

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Today at the Senior Cat Rest Home

Today at the Senior Cat Rest Home

Jasper has been a little restless this morning, walking around the bed in the man cave, not being himself. We suspect he’s got some health issues cropping up. His weight and appetite are down, he’s been trying to throw something up for days, etc. Sneakers spent a few hours outside, roaming the front and back yards, enjoying the upper 50s weather. But once Sneaks came in and got on the bed, Jasper became quiet, contemplative, and dozed off . It’s always good to have a friend you can depend on.

I fixed my laptop’s settings so it’s less likely to go nuts with font sizes while I’m working with it. I plan on using it for writing when sitting at my desk gets to be too much. I can sit on the bed with the cats, laptop in lap, nose to the grindstone. Let’s just hope that it will be two cats here for the near future.

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A Change of Venue

A Change of Venue

The painting above is Childe Hassam’s Boston Common at Twilight. It is a splendid piece of American art and a print hangs in our living room above the couch. And for now, it is the kind of art I am surrounded by for the next few weeks.

I can’t work in the man cave. There’s no way to elevate my foot there and I was given a firm instruction to keep it elevated. So I have moved operations to the living room. It’s going to mean wearing headphones a good part of the time as my wife tends to come in, find an annoying news channel or some medical channel showing footage of operations or procedures in the ER, and camp our for awhile. I gotta keep my head down, my mouth shut, and the volume in the phones cranked up when that crap is on. But it will work for as long it has to. And not one second longer.


OK, that didn’t work. The laptop has developed some sort of ability to screw up the display font on everything and it’s going to take a while to get the fonts back to normal. In a last ditch effort, I went back to the man cave to consider alternatives. It is impossible to put a bench of the right height underneath my desk BUT I found that by turning the trash can upside down, sticking a memory foam pillow across the top of that and the PC tower, I could get my leg to just about the ideal height. I’ll have to give myself breaks to move to the bed and get my foot up higher but it’ll work. And this is the last boring post I will make about my broken ankle travails until I get the goddamn cast off. I swear by the old gods and new.




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